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Making wooden toys hand-made in the "old fashioned" way.

Peter and Wendy Reid.   We have been farming locally for 10 years and after selling our property a couple of years ago and moving to a smaller block we bought into Ganda Toys as a sideline interest as it is something that can be done full or part time. We make the complete range of toys and sell in the Otago area. All enquires are welcomed.
Kathy (Kate) I read a little advertisement in our local paper, then rang Ganda Toys and I am now a happy Ganda affiliate.
We have good support from our family and friends who have also helped me create the  name of Kates Toys & Wooden Crafts.
We look forward to meeting you and showing all our craft work.
Brian and Raewyn produce a wide variety of children’s toys from their home workshop in Marlborough.  After careers in administration and accounting. they purchased their GANDA agency in January 2009. Brian says “We love the change and enjoy being a bit creative with our toys”. Toys have been sent to clients throughout New Zealand and are periodically sold at markets in Blenheim.
Mark and Liz, Wairarapa.
For years we have been looking for a business that we can do at home and that the whole family could get involved in before finding Panda Toys on the internet.  
I had the privilege of talking with the mother of a little girl who had been given one of our toys for Christmas.  She said her daughter played with nothing else on Christmas day and, months later, will hunt for the toy in the toy box if she can’t see it on the floor.  A short time later I was able to see this little girl doing just that.  It was magic.  Seeing a little girl love a toy that we created so much is almost too hard to describe.  All I can say is it gives us a great feeling of accomplishment satisfaction.
Being a Ganda Toys affiliate enables us to do everything we had hoped to achieve and more.  We are able to work from home, involve our children, help other families give their children good quality toys, and create a product we can be immensely proud of.  Knowing we are able to make good quality wooden toys that children love, and are affordable for parents like us, is fantastic.  These toys are something that can last generations.  We could never have hoped to find such a satisfying business.
In addition to the complete range of Ganda toys, I also make DOLLS furniture, cradles and various types of toy boxes as shown here.
After resigning from the uninspired work-life, I came across Ganda Toys which was immediately appealing, due to being a Playcentre mum and these toys aligned with my philosophy right on! With backgrounds in Childcare, Hospitality, Banking and Administration, I have combined these skills and enjoy a fun lifestyle now, working from my home. 
I started in November 2010, and love being self employed and creative. I sell from home, online, attend Markets and enjoy meeting people. My toys have gone all over NZ and to Australia so far. They are in a few select shops as well. I delight in seeing the adults and children interact and play with my adorable, cute creations - every one is unique depending on my mood when making it! I am constantly expanding my range - with each new product being the most popular. Ganda Toys are the greatest!!

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